UN sports for climate action framework

Cwm Welfare has signed up to UN Sports for Climate Action Framework. The Club joins a number of signatories from across the sporting community, including FIFA, UEFA, The FA, the International Olympic Committee, Formula 1, Sky Sports, BBC Sport, Spurs, Arsenal, Juventus and Forest Green Rovers.

What is the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework?

The UN Sports for Climate Action Framework was established in recognition of the role that sport can play to combat climate change.
It invites sports organisations to voluntarily sign-up to the framework, take climate action and get on track for net zero 2050.

It sets out 5 principles for signatories to commit to:
1. Promote environmental responsibility
2. Reduce overall climate impact
3. Educate for climate action
4. Promote sustainable consumption
5. Advocate for climate action

Lets make a difference

Over the comming weeks and months the club will be working hard to look at messures we can take to lower the clubs impact on the enviorment

We are looking for support from local businesses and parntners to help us achieve our goal.

If your interested in knowning more or would like to support the club in its aims please contact us at.