Sustainablity and the Enviorment

Cwm Welfare AFC’s mission is to be at the centre of our community.  We are the First Football club in wales to sign up to the UNFCCC sports for climate action framework and in doing so we aim to lead and encourage our community and other organisations in the fight against climate change.

Our mission is to bring about sustainability in all walks of life, and through that combat climate change. We focus on the three biggest contributing sectors; Energy, Transport, and product sales – which between them account for the majority of everybody’s personal carbon footprint.

Our club has ambitious plans to develop and grow with significant plans to improve our facilities in the near to long term.  In doing so we will look at measures to ensure the club expands in a way which is kind to our environment.

Our current focus is around our current activities, in terms of providing solutions and alternatives to tackle climate change.

We believe that actions will always speak louder than words, we acknowledge that sometimes words are required – so here are the main principles that guide us.

  • We seek maximum environment gain for minimum environment impact – in all that we do
  • We intend to continually reduce our own environmental impact
  • In any apparent conflict between the environment and money – we aim to put the environment first if reasonably possible.
  • We consider ethical and social issues, biodiversity, and sustainability when making all strategic and operational decisions
  • We encourage behavioural change, both within our organisation and without.
  • We will not work with organisations directly involved in; Factory farming, animal slaughter, animal testing, arms, tobacco, nuclear power, fracking, GMO’s, or anything else we consider to be unethical, immoral, or just plain wrong.

To help us achieve our goals we will develop and maintain robust reporting within our club to track our current environmental impact and we will set ourselves targets and pursue continual improvement our environmental performance. We are (it must be said) committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, and fulfilling all our compliance obligations.