Cwm Welfare are pleased to announce an important strategic partnership with Scimatar Sportswear for the new season.

This is a first for Cwm Welfare, we have one supplier who cover the whole club from minis, Juniors right through to our senior teams.

Our new Kits will be warn by all our teams this season. In line with our aims and commitments on becoming a Net Zero football club our kits are Eco Kits, they are made from recylced materials such as single use plastic bottles that would have otherwised gone to landfill or worse ended up in our Oceans.

Our clubshop can be found here.

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In order to make football more sustainable we are encouraging our local community, players and parents to also donate any old football equiptment

We will accept any football related items that you would like to donate including:

•Football Shirts – All types (replica, amateur team etc.) regardless of age or size.

•Football Shorts

•Football Socks

•Football Accessories – Shinpads etc.

•Football Boots

•Football Bibs, training Jackets etc.

Donated items may be reused by a player at our club or distributed to Kit4Causes – who will distribute suitable kit to worthy causes.  Where textiles are deemed not suitable to be distributed to good causes, Kit4causes will ensure these items will be recycled!  All we ask for is that all donated items are cleaned.

Clear out all your old unwanted kit, do a good thing for your wardrobe as well as the planet. 

Kit can be handed in to a club official (if your child plays for the club bring it along to training!)  If your child does not play for

The club please contact for further information on how to drop off any donated items.

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