Cwm Welfare have made an application to the FAW facilities fund for grant
funding to enable the club to improve its current changing room facilities by modernising,  added another two changing rooms, adding a
new function room with a wraparound balcony on the second floor and adding
solar panels to the roof along with batteries to store energy to make our new
facilities energy efficient

The current facilities were built in the 1980s and are looking a bit dated
and are not fit for purpose.

The club is growing  and we would like
to provide players, parents, supporters and the community with a facility that
we can all be proud of, the changing rooms are used by all competitive age
groups boys, girls , men and women and they are simply not up to standards!

We previously applied for funding pre covid and has some rough prices for
the work to be completed. However due to the increased costs in building materials
and labour the cost to build is higher than we anticipate. Normally with any
large grant application the requesters are expected to provide some capital
towards the project sometimes referred to as match funding. Due to the
increased costs of the build this means as a club we need to raise additional
funds so we can provide an adequate level of match funding to support our FAW
bid. If our FAW bid is unsuccessful at this stage our plans are to resubmit a
bit either into the next FAW facilities grant process (expected in Autumn) or
another such as the National Lottery

Regardless, we need to raise funds as other grants will require similar
levels of match funding.

We need your help! If you are a business who would like to sponsor, donate
funds or even donate prizes that could be used to help us fundraise please get
in touch or if you are a supporter who would like to donate and take one of our
rewards please let us know.

Rewards on offer vary in type from club merch, sponsorship packages like
name the ground or advertisement boards, buy a brick to rewards provided by
local business like vouchers for meals and haircuts etc..

You can find our Crowdfunder page here

Welfare AFC, Pavilion and Changing rooms – a Community crowdfunding project in
Pontypridd by Cwm Welfare AFC (

All support is appreciated #COTW

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